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UK Income Tax Calculator

Simple to use Income Tax calculator 

National Insurance valid for employees only

It accommodates Scottish Tax payers. and is current best estimate until Scottish Government issues its budget on 14 December 2017

Tax Rates & Allowances

Here is a link for the real "data junkie",; comprehensive overview of all 2017/2018 & 2018/2019 Tax Year 

Tax Rates & Allowances

Our Blog

A shameless plug for Tulip Thistle Accountancy's 

Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers blog.

National Insurance Payment Record

This link will allow you to check your National Insurance Payment Record and identify any Gaps. It will also show if you can pay voluntary contributions to fill any gaps and how much this will cost

Company Car Tax Calulator

This company car tax calculator will automatically complete all the details if you choose the car model and provide comprehensive tax details for the next three years. 

Business Gateway

A wealth of free help & Information is available through the Business Gateway website, including events & workshops & the DigitalBoost programme.