Interim Accountant & Project Accountant Services

Introducing a Unique Service

When you are running  your own business, your time is a precious commodity. You need to balance the requirements of your customers, the internal processes to deliver the contracted products and services, with the financial management & administration of your business

Tulip Thistle Accountancy's Interim Accountant Services allow you to delegate the financial management of your company to an experienced Charted Management Accountant & Business partner with 20 years' experience in international business, on any Part-Time basis best suited to your circumstances.

We can also supply a Project Accountant to undertake specific Financial & Accounting type projects during the year on an ad-hoc basis.

Part-Time Chartered Accountant Services

This service not only ensures regular financial management & review of all financial transactions for your company, but also supports reporting, business planning, budgeting and performance management. 

By leveraging our key financial and analytical skills we will provide insights around profitability, Cash Flow management and also help you identify growth opportunities.

Project Chartered Accountant Services

For companies that need financial management support to replace an existing employee for a certain duration (e.g. to cover illness or maternity leave).

We can also deliver specific projects, such as Business Plans, your Annual Budget, overhaul reporting to yield performance insights, and facilitate your company's move to a new (Cloud Based) Accounting System.